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Our lives can become so busy and wrapped up in tech, and trendy devices we tend to loose sight of life most meaningful times. Bonsai can remind us cultivating is better than consuming.


Anyone can create a beautiful Bonsai to be proud of. You just need to invest  some time and patience to learn a few steps to style, shape and create a tree you will proud of.

Bonsai can  teach all of us some of the important aspects needed for a well balanced life such as patience, attention and time.

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Living walls of art

Living walls of art

Having a special occasion or just want to add some interest to your waiting area?  Try leasing Some beautiful trees to enhance your surroundings.

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Living walls of art

Living walls of art

Living walls of art

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We are proud to announce the addition of  Living walls of art.

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Bonsai care and maintenance


Living walls of art


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Tips & Helpful Information


Keep in mind watering your Bonsai is probably the most important aspect of Bonsai care you need to learn. 

Most Bonsai are killed by improper watering techniques. Either over or under watering. Never water by a schedule or time frame always check your soil condition before watering. 

In the summer you will water at least once a day depending on where you live. The further south you live the longer and warmer your summer can be and in reverse the more north you are the shorter your summer and cooler. 

Water when the tree is slightly dry, place a finger 1/4 inch into the soil if moist wait another day. You can also use your experience of how heavy your tree is fully watered compared to almost dry. Never let a tree dry out completely. You will begin to see the difference when a tree should be watered.

Using proper Bonsai soil mixes for your tree and where you live will greatly improve your watering techniques also.

When you do water do it thoroughly until water runs out the drain holes. This ensures the roots have been given a good drink.

Bonsai tree


This is the second most important step in caring for your Bonsai . Start applying fertilizer as your trees waken from their winter rest. Fertilize during the entire growing season, from spring to fall.

Use a good quality slow release fertilizer.( I recommend Biogold ). Use a high Nitrogen content like NPK 10:6:6 in spring, drop to 6:6:6 during summer and our experience has been to use 0:6:6 in the fall to feed and build strong roots during the winter months. { not everyone agrees with the winter fertilizer routine we use but it has worked for many years}

If you have flowering Trees use a high Phosphorous content like 6:10:6 to promote flowering.

Follow manufactures recommendations on how often to apply and quantity to use.

Never fertilize a sick tree, instead, remove the tree from it"s pot, remove most of the soil and place the tree in a training pot with moist Sphagnum Moss. This has saved many of our trees that fall ill.

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The idea of removing your tree from it"s happy home  strikes fear in most people. The process of repotting is very simple actually. Every few years depending on the species of tree, age and where you live you will eventually need to remove the tree from the pot, carefully rake out the roots, which have  probably gone around the pot a few times and trim the roots back. If you are keeping the tree in the same pot trim to fit the pot, leaving room for new growth.

If you need to move up to a large pot due to the growth of the tree { larger Nebari - 

the mass at soil level} then leave more roots according to the size of the pot you choose.

While repotting examine the root system. They should be white and healthy looking. Remove any dead roots and repot with a high quality Bonsai soil mix designed to benefit your species of tree.

Cover the drainage holes with a mesh to keep soil in and let water out. we use crochet mesh found in fabric centers it works great and is inexpensive. Firm the soil into place using a chop stick or a similar tool Water thoroughly and place the repotted tree in the shade for at least 14 days. Watch for any signs of stress, if none are visible place the tree back in the sun and water accordingly. do not repot and drastically trim your tree at the same time. This will over stress the tree.

Bonsai tree

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